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Zuletzt online 27 Oktober om 20:40
Miks on sündinud Venemaal sellised idioodid?mehr
А я иду по ночному мегаполису
Меня прохожие не понимают
Рваные джинсы, стертые конверсы

Почему, почему, почему мы любовь называем дружбой?
Все скрываем, гордые снаружи
Я хочу, чтобы ты был моим мужем
А не просто статусом из сети

Почему ты со мною себя меняешь?
Для чего так обдуманно приручаешь?
Ты когда один, ты о чем мечтаешь?
Я хочу узнать себя изнутри
Я хочу узнать себя изнутри
Сегодня у меня просто ужасные выходные у меня настроения нету от слова вообще. Еще хочу спросить откуда в современном обществе столько идиотов
Привет всем! Хотите какие-нибудь информативные посты? Или просто уютные цитаты с фото эстетикой? mehr
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27 September om 18:20
Привет! Хорошо в ближайшее время будут

I feel your hand on my skin, tell me that you love me in my thoughts.
it's like two worlds, as if we are on the same planet that we created.
Look how high we are above the earth, the stars are falling from the sky into the abyss.
Millions of kilometers stretch below us, you look into my eyes, I see you saying something but I don't hear anything.
It's like you're standing on the edge of a precipice while you're holding my hand but I'm losing control I'm slowly falling.
It doesn't matter if we stay together or disappear among millions of stars.

These eyes are like the sky, when you look at me, I get scared.
The lights around us are reflected on you, one of them is fading in my hands.
I want to tell you all my secrets, the ones that I keep to myself.
You're sitting next to me, I feel your breath, give me the opportunity to hear your voice.
I'm slowly disappearing among all the lights so I want to save one to light our way.

If you and I get lost in the depths of darkness, then the lights will show the way back
I'm holding your hand but you stopped looking at the sky.


──── ∗∙⋅:✯:⋅∙∗ ──── ⋙

I look at you but you disappear in my eyes
I get lost through the lights in the sky, the burning stars are all a million of them
Have we really chosen this path, the path to part in an instant?
Will you show me the way where we can find each other again?

You’re somewhere far away from me, so I want to see you again, but there’s only dust
I know you’re alive, but I can’t hear your voice
You are with me in my mind, but I feel your presence you are like a ghost somewhere near me

There's so much I haven't told you yet
But this time was against us
I want to know how you feel right now?
Where are we with you now?

Your love has bound us forever
You're the one in whose eyes I was losing control
If you are far away, then I remember your voice
But it turns into an echo and quickly disappears

──── ∗∙⋅:✯:⋅∙∗ ──── ⋙